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Alzheimer’s Disease is a relentlessly progressive disease affecting the memories, thoughts, and behavior of millions of people worldwide.1,2

PEGASUS (NCT03533257) was a Phase 2a, randomized, placebo-controlled trial with 95 participants in the U.S. evaluating the safety, tolerability, neurobiological activity, and preliminary clinical efficacy of AMX0035 in people with Alzheimer's Disease across a broad spectrum of severity, ranging from mild cognitive impairment to moderate stages of dementia.

The PEGASUS clinical trial has completed, and topline results were presented in November 2021. We are currently evaluating the results of PEGASUS with scientific advisors while considering potential next steps as part of our clinical development strategy.

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Our commitment

At Amylyx, we are relentlessly driven by a commitment to those living with neurodegenerative diseases. We work collaboratively across everything we do, aspiring to help support and create more moments for the neurodegenerative community.


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