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People living with neurodegenerative disease are at the center of everything we do, and we welcome the opportunity to hear from the community via reactions, @mentions, and replies.

However, because we operate in a highly regulated industry, there may be conversations that we can't engage in on our social media channels, including discussion(s) about products and treatment options (ours or other companies’).

When Engaging on our Channels, Please Keep the Comments On-Topic:

We strongly encourage all who choose to engage with our content to stay on-topic. Amylyx will not respond to replies or @mentions that:

  • Name any product developed by Amylyx or another company
  • Offer any kind of medical advice
  • Are threatening, abusive, or condone illegal behavior
  • Contain sensitive personal information, including employee names and contact details
  • Are commercial in nature (e.g., selling products or services, soliciting followers to other social communities)
  • Contain confidential or non-public information
  • Violate copyright
  • Violate platform Terms of Service (X, LinkedIn, Facebook)

Your Information:

All replies and @mentions on Amylyx’ corporate social media channels are available to the public, and may be used to improve processes or help you with a request. When facilitating requests, we may ask for additional information from you; however, this information will only be used for the purpose it was initially requested.

Please also note that the social media platforms we are active on also have access to the information you share with us. For more information, read each platform’s privacy policy (X, LinkedIn, Facebook).

Mentions of Treatment:

In the case of an adverse event or product issue shared with Amylyx on social media, we will need to store and use identifying information you provide in accordance with the applicable laws. Amylyx is required to share this information with our Medical Information team and/or regulatory authorities. In such cases, we are also required to store your personal data to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

If you believe you are experiencing side effects from an Amylyx product, consult your health care provider immediately. For other questions about an Amylyx product, email

We may not be able to respond to questions asking for more information about access to RELYVRIO/ALBRIOZA/AMX0035, to our investigational drugs, or to other services.

Amylyx Care Team:

To speak with an ACT team member, call 1-866-318-2989 or email

Clinical Trials:

Due to strict regulations in our industry, we may not be able to respond to questions regarding clinical trial progress or enrollment. We encourage you to share all questions with us via email at