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Our inspiration comes from a single source: the strength and courage of people living with neurodegenerative diseases and their families. While we are driven to one day end the suffering caused by these diseases, we want to help fulfill the need for community, support, and guidance at any stage of your journey.

*These resources are independent of Amylyx.


I AM ALS is a patient-centric movement revolutionizing how to end disease. The nonprofit provides critical support and resources to people with ALS, caregivers and loved ones, and empowers advocates to raise awareness and lead the movement against ALS in driving the development of treatments and cures.

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International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations

The Alliance is a global network of ALS/MND associations informed by people living with ALS and caregivers for people living with ALS (PALS/CALS), that builds capability for its members and connects to external stakeholders.

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Les Turner ALS Foundation

The Les Turner ALS Foundation provides individualized care, local community support and hope through scientific research. The Les Turner ALS Center at Northwestern Medicine advances vital care and research in pursuit of life-enhancing treatments and a cure.

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Muscular Dystrophy Association

Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) is committed to transforming the lives of individuals living with muscular dystrophy, ALS and related neuromuscular disease through innovations in science and innovations in care.

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The Northeast ALS Consortium (NEALS) is an international, independent, non-profit group of over 130 research sites around the world who collaboratively conduct clinical research in ALS and other motor neuron diseases. The mission of NEALS is to translate scientific advances into new treatments for people with ALS and motor neuron disease as rapidly as possible.

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Project ALS

Project ALS identifies and funds the most promising scientific and medical research that will lead to effective treatments and a cure for ALS.

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TRICALS is the largest European research initiative to find a cure for ALS to date. More than 50 top research centers in over 15 countries have joined hands with patient organizations and fundraisers to reach one goal: find effective treatments for ALS.

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Our science

Progress is rarely the result of convention, which is why we’ve taken a different approach to understanding neurodegenerative diseases and the science that could help to slow their progression.

Recent news

Read about the latest developments in our research, ongoing clinical trials, and what’s on the horizon for Amylyx.